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Welcome! About The Gazeebo…


Welcome to The Gazeebo: A Poet’s Place 🙂

It comes from an idea I did a little while back with this guy I knew, and my sister.

You see, we have a gazebo in our backyard, and I’m a huge poet, so he and I decided we wanted to do a little poetry slam so the gazebo seemed like the perfect place.  Of course, as a poet herself, my sister joined in and we had a wonderful time at it.  The melted flower candle as the icon here is from that night.

Well, I’m still enjoying poetry and will always enjoy it so I decided to create a blog that allowed for a little place for fellow poets to check out, and maybe even post some of their own poems (through comments) to be critiqued by me and other fellow poets.  I’ve taken a poetry class over at the University of Arizona, as well as one over through Glendale Community College (Glendale, AZ) and thoroughly enjoyed being able to expand my own literary creativeness, if you will, along with helping my peers in expanding their own with critiques from me, and (of course) getting openly critiqued.

The above can be more easily done through another blog of mine, The Gazeebo: Poets United.

I personally love when someone has something to say about my writing whether it be just compliments, feelings, or even comments on how to improve it. I believe that very few of my own poems are officially done.

I have also added areas within The Gazeebo:

  • AZ Fire Watch – here is where I provide updates on fires in Arizona
  • Fire Watch – here is where I provide updates on fires in other places within the USA
  • To Victory! – here is where I provide updates of a diet that I’m doing while I move toward my own victory
  • Mr. Packard –  here is where I have excerpts from a piece I’m writing called “The Ramblings of Mr. Packard”

To the right, I also have several links of places I highly suggest you check out:

  • “My Friend’s Personal Sites” Links – Check these out! be a visionary is a blog on tumblr that’s pretty awesome! Matthew Vanek is quite a talented photographer and that link is to his personal website – check him out! Morgan Lynch is someone I’ve known since I was about 2 or 3 feet tall (she used to help babysit me).. she’s also a photographer 🙂 SantanaScripts is my friend Sam’s Facebook page – he’s a director, screenwriter, and actor – check his videos out on his YouTube page. It can be found on his Facebook page!
  •  “Other Sites That I Enjoy” Links – Check these out too! qarrtsiluni is a creative writing magazine that also has a blog on WordPress. They publish several good pieces.  I’ve grabbed some pieces from them to share on here.  Check them out!
  • Glendale Poetry Examiner – this is a personal link 🙂 I’m an examiner on where I post reviews on various poetry related books and the like
  • InciWeb: Incident Information System – here is where I get a majority of my information for my Fire Watch and AZ Fire Watch posts

Finally, for a little self – promotion 🙂


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