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The Gazeebo: Another Battle Won

So, last night, it rained a little with lightning and thunder and I suddenly felt the need to write a poem this morning.  So, here it is!! Continue reading


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The Gazeebo: My First Haibun


Obviously, I haven’t posted in a little while, but just wanted to provide a very quick update.  School is almost out and finals (including essays, a portfolio, and the like) are beginning to take up my time.  Also, I got a promotion out to the Fuel Station here at Safeway back in March, just before spring break, so that was pretty cool – another reason I haven’t been on.. been working a lot.  Also, one final thing – I will be reviving the “To Victory!” category of blog posts within the next week or so.  I got a punching bag so I’ve been working out like crazy and losing weight (you will find out more, if you are interested).

Anyway, here’s the poem.  When I was at the ASU Writer’s Conference back in February, I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a few ‘classes’ with a few fellow writers.  One of the teachers at the conference was a man by the name of Charles (Charlie) Jensen.  He does prose poetry and he held two classes on that subject – most definitely my favorite classes during that entire weekend 🙂  Anyway, the second class he did was specifically on the Haibun – when you write a prose poem that ends with a haiku.  The prompt was for us to write about a childhood home.. I wrote about a sort of home away from home of mine and my family’s.  So, here it is. Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: [NOT SURE]


Haven’t posted in a while and I’m not really wanting to say much right now.. just here to post a poem real quick.  I started this piece at a poetry conference a little bit ago – we were given an assignment to write a poem about a painting and I decided to [literally] dive into the depths of the painting that I got.  It’s called “Water Lily Pond” by Claude Monet (see picture below that I acquired from Art to Heart).

Anyway, so for my poetry class we were given an assignment to write a loss poem and I used what I had started and created a loss piece.  Enjoy.

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The Gazeebo: Smiling Thoughts

This came as an idea through a prompt created by a fellow blogging poet by the name of Corey Booth.  It is called The Poetry Challenge and basically he presents a title each week and other poets are expected to create a poem with that title.  This week, the title was “Smiling Thoughts.”

Enjoy! 🙂 Continue reading

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