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The Gazeebo: Starting the Climb Again

Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone still reads my blog, but if you do, I’d love a comment or a like for this post. If you do have something to say, I will be more than happy to reply! 🙂

Anyway, earlier this month, I went into a dip again (which basically is me going into a depressive state). If you have been reading my blog, you probably remember me saying at least something about me having been bullied in my life. Well, one of the after effects for me is dealing with dips and a whole roller coaster of emotions (I’m pretty sure I’m bipolar, but I’ve never been diagnosed). One of the ways I deal with it is by writing pieces like this that I’m posting here for you today.

On another quick note, in relation to my emotional state and writing, I’ve started a book that shall be titled “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names.” It will be a semi-autobiographical novel, where I will be writing in a point of view where I’m telling the reader about the main character (who will go through several similar experiences in relation to bullying that I went through), as well as about other characters who will go through various bullying experiences. Also, I’m going to be focusing on the main character in relation to the after effects of bullying, because this is a subject that is often ignored or just not observed by those doing research, despite it being a legitimate issue in the lives of several people who have been bullied.

Due to me writing about other characters’ bullying experiences, I invite you to tell me your story via a comment below or via an email to There’s a pretty good possibility that I’ll include it into my book if you give me permission to do so (though if you do, I don’t want to use your name, so I suggest you also tell me three different names that you’d like for your character to be called). Thank you! 🙂

Anyway, here’s the poem, and if you like what you see, I invite you to click that subscribe button, follow me on Twitter (via the link on the right, or find me: jmcdlungren), and/or maybe even like my page on Facebook (via the link on the right, or find the page entitled Jesse McDowell Lungren). 🙂

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The Gazeebo: My First Haibun


Obviously, I haven’t posted in a little while, but just wanted to provide a very quick update.  School is almost out and finals (including essays, a portfolio, and the like) are beginning to take up my time.  Also, I got a promotion out to the Fuel Station here at Safeway back in March, just before spring break, so that was pretty cool – another reason I haven’t been on.. been working a lot.  Also, one final thing – I will be reviving the “To Victory!” category of blog posts within the next week or so.  I got a punching bag so I’ve been working out like crazy and losing weight (you will find out more, if you are interested).

Anyway, here’s the poem.  When I was at the ASU Writer’s Conference back in February, I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a few ‘classes’ with a few fellow writers.  One of the teachers at the conference was a man by the name of Charles (Charlie) Jensen.  He does prose poetry and he held two classes on that subject – most definitely my favorite classes during that entire weekend 🙂  Anyway, the second class he did was specifically on the Haibun – when you write a prose poem that ends with a haiku.  The prompt was for us to write about a childhood home.. I wrote about a sort of home away from home of mine and my family’s.  So, here it is. Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Happy Centennial Arizona!

Hey all!

Been busy lately with a major amount of work and school .. but, I’ve written a few poems and this is one of them that I wanted to share.  The only reason I’m sharing this for now is because  Valentine’s day was on Tuesday and Arizona’s Centennial (100th birthday) was on the same day.  They were brought into the United States on February 14, 1912 as the 48th state, and the last of the contiguous (connecting by land) states.

 As you might be able to tell by just looking at it, I had a little bit of fun with it despite it being a pretty major challenge for me 🙂 Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Back to the Values

Hey everyone!

First, I want to update you all on the Borders situation; they called me today and… I didn’t get the job.  So that’s kind of a sad thing, but I’ll just keep looking for a job 🙂  Though, one good twist to this is that today is my birthday – gonna be hangin out with a friend during the day and then seein the show “Hello, Dolly!”  My sister is doing the lights for the show so that’s pretty cool too 🙂

Anyway, in other news, I’ve been thinking the past few days about me and the way I am now versus how I was just a year ago.  One of the biggest changes is that a year ago, I often flinched whenever I even uttered a cuss word; now, my sister and dad are saying I almost cuss too much lol.  So, one night listening to country music on my way to the grocery store, while thinking about one really special person to me, and decided that I need to get back to the values that I stood by so much when I was younger.  So, I’ve decided that I’m gonna try and cool down on the cussing, among some other things that I’ve been thinking about.  Of course, a year ago, I was living with my parents as I am now and had that year of finding my true self and am really grateful for that year at the University due to that.  However, some of those things that changed about me need to be revised; others won’t be touched, and still others need time before they change, if they ever do lol.  But, that’s really all on that.

Now, on to the poem.  I’ve debated about adding this one for a little while due to some revisions that need to be done for it, but what better place than here to post it?  I mean seriously that is the point of this category of The Gazeebo: A Poet’s Place 🙂  Anyway, the poem was written in high school and was thrown into a workshop for my poetry class at the University, but I never got feedback for it in order for me to officially revise it.  So, here it is.


As I wake up

And step outside

Into the cool, early morning,

The sound of blue jays

And the breeze blowing through the trees

Welcomes me

With a gentle hand.

As I begin

Towards the empty space

Where my cabin sat for almost a century,

The sight of roaming land

And the green abundance of spring

Embraces me

With a warm grasp.

As I continue down the road

Towards the pond

Where my Uncle’s cattle come to water,

The smell of fresh pine

And the cool grass

Surrounds me

With a reassuring hold.

Ten years ago,

My father taught me of the sounds, sights, and

Smells of our land.

He taught me of the blue jays

And how the breeze moves the trees.

He taught me of the pine trees and grass

And the springtime wonderland.

He taught of the history of our cabin

And the good old days when it stood.

As I go out

Over the long stretches of land

To where past owners grew their corn,

I think back of how my father

Taught me to live, love, and respect our land

And I embrace it

With a lifelong hold.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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The Gazeebo: Success in One Week

Hey guys!

It has officially been a week since I started The Gazeebo and man am I happy about how well it’s done! 🙂  199 hits, part of which were from searches on Google and the like, part of them through the links I posted on Facebook and Twitter, and a third part of them from just kind of random views.  I’m just really happy right now.. though it could possibly be due to the fact that I just started a diet as said in my first post in “To Victory!” but then again it could also be due to the fact that it’s late right now and I’m pretty tired.

But, in other news, I had my follow-up interview today and felt extremely confident about it, better than the first one in fact.  I was told I’d find out within the next few days about whatever is going to happen from there and I’m very hopeful that I’ll get the call 🙂

In another bit of news, my sister has her first performance as the lead Mabel in Pirates of Penzance tomorrow!  I’m so happy and hopeful for her! 🙂

Well, I’m gonna cut it short tonight due to my exhaustion; so, with that here’s the poem.  I wrote this in high school in my creative writing class and revised it in my poetry class at the University.  I’ve dedicated it to my dad 🙂

The Sound of Silence

As I sit here on the grass –

waiting, my fishing pole in hand

watching the line dance with each splash

that sprays me, a cool mist –

I listen to Mother Nature talking

to me.  Warm summer breeze blowing

through the trees, cold water rippling

over the smooth stones of the creek bed,

Rapids formed from

The larger rocks

protruding from the water.

I sit here listening to her lessons,

Watching her as she moves,

Feeling a bite and watching the fish swim away.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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