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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Final Day

The information in this post is from InciWeb.

Great news!  The fire reached 100% containment on June 25, 2011 and InciWeb has finished its reports on it as of June 29, 2011; however, according to the site it is still “active” despite its containment and InciWeb has stated that if the situation changes as far as its growth and containment lines, then reporting will continue.  During its most intense destruction of about 50 days or so, it scorched “222,954 acres” near Portal, Arizona, destroying 23 structures and accumulating a “$51.1 million” cost.


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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Day 46

Information within this update is from InciWeb.

The fire has grown to 222,954 acres and is 95% contained, with an “estimated containment date” set at June 25, 2011.  918 wonderful men and women are out there battling this fire.

Good news is that the growth potential is low; however the terrain difficulty is extreme.  This just shows how amazing these heroic people are in being able to get out there in such hard of an area and extinguish it with all that they are doing.

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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Day 35

This post contains information from InciWeb.

Quick update: it’s grown to 141,301 acres at 45% containment; 23 structures have been destroyed and the present cost is at about $36 million.  A total of 1,226 firefighters and other personnel are presently stationed to take care of it.  They also estimate the full containment of the fire to be on June 22, 2011.

In addition, Paradise residents are being allowed to get to their homes but only by using Paradise Road at the moment.

Image below is from another area of InciWeb.

View of the Smoke of Horseshoe 2 Fire

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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Day 32

This update includes information from InciWeb.

Horseshoe 2 is now up to “128,652 acres” burned and down to 40% containment, compared to the 50% from yesterday.  The destroyed structure count is at 23 and the cost of dousing this fire is up at about $33.5 million.

Today, the the fire did not spread North to the “Chiricahua National Monument today” and the high winds of today are expected to calm down for tomorrow.  Having been evacuated June 3, the “community of Paradise is no longer under evacuation order;” however, “Whitetail, West Turkey Creek and Pinery Road” are still evacuated due to the movement of the fire.

The picture below comes from a different area of InciWeb.

Horseshoe 2 Fire

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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Day 31

This post contains information from AZ Central’s blog and InciWeb.

First of all, according to InciWeb, the fire is human-caused and is at 50% containment.

The Horseshoe Two fire continues to burn in Southeastern Arizona, now already burning “106,661 acres” (according to InciWeb).  According to the article from AZ Central, the fire’s size and damage area is small (in comparison to the Wallow Fire), but the damage is no less painful to the wildlife that live there and those that like to travel to see it.  The desert and surrounding area allows for a place to live for several species of animals, including various types of birds.  According to AZ Central, several “people [are] claiming that the area is one of, if not THE best areas in North America to bird watch,” Cave Creek Canyon standing out as “the best known area;” however, now the area is engulfed in flames and/or torched “vegetation and landscape.”

Another impact of the fire is that it affects the ability of the Arizona Border Patrol to catch illegal immigrants as they come across the border by the Chiricahua  Mountains; however, it might actually “benefit [the] border patrol agents by creating a smaller area to focus on.”

The picture below is also from InciWeb, but from a different site.

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