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The Gazeebo: There is a Beauty in the Senses… Yes?

Hello all!

School has officially started and was already assigned to write a poem for my Intro to Poetry class – YIPPEE!! 🙂   My other classes are great as well, including history, business, guitar, and music theory.  What’s nice about this semester is that none of these are general education requirements, thus meaning I actually want to take every single class I’m taking 🙂  It’s a beautiful thing when you have that kind of freedom, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh and by the way, I posted another review on The Examiner today – called “Review:  All-American Poem by Matthew Dickman.”  So, obviously, I wrote a review on All-American Poem, the only book of Matthew Dickman’s that I personally know of.  It is just so beautiful though and I highly suggest that all of those who enjoy poetry in the slightest, to read it.

Anyway, on to the poem.  The assignment was over imagery… thus the reason for the title of this post 🙂  I’m posting the extended version of it because I really like the wholeness of it, versus just what I was allowed to write for the assignment.  Though, for any of those who are interested, the assignment version ended with “swung shut” in the eleventh line.

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The Gazeebo: Glendale Poetry Examiner

[DISCLAIMER TO ALL READERS — the content of the poetic piece I provided an excerpt is not for those that are not mature enough, both children and adults.  It is of a more graphic and sexual themed piece, so I don’t expect all of you to appreciate it.  I personally am not a fan of the content of which the book was written about, but her creative tools and techniques intrigued me enough to see it for what it was – a clever and poetic piece of art, written by a very clever woman, that grabs the reader, in one way or another. — END OF DISCLAIMER] Continue reading

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