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The Gazeebo: le commencement est la moitié de tout

Hey all!

Lately, I have been changing things up a little just for the fun of it by having a bit of French stuff.  Well, this is just another day of it.. the title here was given to me by a friend.. it means “beginning is half of everything,” and it was originally a saying by Pythagore.

Anyway, the reason for the title – today was the first day at GCC [in AZ] so I was pretty excited.  It’s a new beginning toward the rest of my life.. another step toward where I’m heading.  I had this Intro to Communication class, which is basically a gen-ed for a lot of different majors lol.  But, it’s still part of the move, another piece of the transition that I’m in right now, so it matters 🙂

Well that’s really all for today.. I’m getting kind of tired and have to wake up at a decent time for tomorrow’s classes anyway lol.  So, here’s the poem – this one was originally done in German by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  It was translated here by Hyde Flippo.  Both versions were found here.

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