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The Gazeebo: Remembering Lucky

Just a bit of info on this poem – I did not write this as an ode to my dog, Lucky but rather remembered her and decided to include her while focusing on the original subject of the poem.

Though, Lucky was a three-legged Australian Shepard mix who lost her leg when she was really young.  My family and I actually had to put her down during the summer of 2010.  I got her when I was 5 and said goodbye when I was 18 – she lived a good life. Continue reading


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The Gazeebo: Long Time, New Post

Hello all!

I know – a LONG time since I last posted, but I’ve been kind of busy doing the whole job search lately, but it’s all good because I’ve finally scored a job!! 🙂 I’m a cashier / barista at this family owned coffee shop at my college so it’s a great thing – location, family owned, good pay, good hours, great atmosphere, a nice customer base.. I mean really, what else could someone ask for when they’re trying to work their way through college?

Anyway, it was my second day and I learned how to make a coffee shake (for those Starbuck’s fans, it’s basically a frappuccino) so that was pretty fun lol.

Otherwise, life is just pluggin along.. gonna be learning piano this semester and “training my ears” with certain tempos, rhythms, etc. of music.  Not quite sure what else to say about that…

So, that’s about all.. for the poem today, I am going to switch things up a bit just because I’ve been a wee bit obsessed with this song (and also because I’ve had the worst writer’s block lately and haven’t been able to get any ideas or anything in my head to even attempt to write something down lol).  It’s Sara Bareilles’s song called “Let the Rain.”  [Lyrics for this acquired here.] Continue reading

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