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The Gazeebo – Catching Up

Hey all (again)!!

Two posts today – only because it took me SO long with the last one (still unsure why).

Anyway, so in the nonfiction class, we’re doing a memoir piece. And you know what? I do memoirs all the time, and I didn’t totally know it – in my poetry with my looking back on my past, I have been writing a form of memoirs! 🙂 Do you guys realize how exciting that is for me?? A few days ago, I was stressing out because my financial aid hadn’t come in, and I couldn’t afford to get my book until my book advance (FINALLY) came in, and I had no way of reading the chapter on memoirs in order to figure out how to write one – or so I thought! Of course, a memoir via prose writing is a BIT different than writing a poetry sort-of-memoir, but still! The entire concept isn’t totally backwards and different, so I’m happy to learn that!

In regards to the book, “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names,” it’s going to take a very interesting take on what a memoir is, in the terms of it looking back on memories (most of them will be mine), however it will be written more about a separate person who happens to have similar memories as me. I hope that jumble of information made sense… To be more specific, it’s going to be a book about someone who will be very similar to me, who will also interact with people who are very similar to people I’ve encountered in my life (without it being me or the people I’ve come across in order to protect myself and others). So, like I had said – a kind of memoir, but extremely different from the regular memoir you might come across. And, in learning about the workings of a memoir and how to write one, I’ve learned more on how to bring out the emotions within the memories in order to make the book just that much better, and more powerful of a piece to write. I’m definitely interested in looking into this concept more, as I continue the writing process of the book! 🙂

Anyway, I think that’s all.

Have a good day! 🙂


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The Gazeebo: Continuing to Learn

-Originally began August 30, 2013-

Hello again! 🙂

I’m back for another post regarding my experiences, in relation to the dive into creative nonfiction while writing my book! 🙂

But first, a little bit of an update on my life – I have just recently gotten a new job (as of the second week of August) for Chase Bank as a Customer Service Specialist in the Mortgage Department where I work in a call center (or as I like to call it, “Cubical City”). Slowly, but surely, I’ve been learning the ropes; all the policies and the procedures, how to work with certain systems and programs in order to effectively and efficiently look up a customer’s account and be able to answer any general questions they have regarding the account. It’s been a fun learning experience, but I have definitely grasped on to the desire to actually write (and teach Creative Writing as a college professor) for a living. It will take time, but it will be worth the effort – so I’m excited for what will eventually be 🙂

Anyway, in regards to the title I gave this post; I continue to learn every day that there are a lot of really awesome people out there. I have had friends that I have made within the past few months say things that I’d have never expected anyone to say. For example, my friend randomly told me that I look like Chris Evans (the guy who plays Captain America – and, at an earlier point, another Marvel character, Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch) due to the general facial features. To add to this, both him and another friend of ours, stated that my eyes are really pretty. I didn’t agree with the whole Chris Evans thing, and the eyes compliment is totally an opinion thing; I think they look like just regular average eyeballs, but everyone has a right to their own opinion. Another couple of my friends stated the other day that I looked very GQ with one of my pictures on Facebook, to which I honestly was lost on the reference at first until one of them explained what GQ is (magazine – I’d highly suggest doing an image search and you’ll understand). I’m hesitant to agree with the GQ statement as well; don’t get me wrong, I love the compliments and how nice these people were to offer them, but I just have a hard time accepting compliments.

I find it extremely difficult to focus on the better qualities about me, because I don’t believe too many of them exist.
-edited and added to post September 7, 2013-
It’s not that I agree with what was said to me by the kids who liked to focus their time picking on me, but I have to paraphrase something a comedian John Mulaney has said – “8th graders are the meanest people in the world…they get at the things that you don’t like about yourself.” For me, it was more than just 8th graders, but nearly every bully I ever encountered. One of the biggest things that they bullied me for was for being overweight; this is something I’ve tried my whole life to get control of, but (as I’ve said in the past) people were voluntarily ignorant of this and they continued to poke, which had caused me to eat more as a comfort food and thus gain more weight.

Now, I’m meeting people who are complimenting me, and I don’t always know how to take compliments, but I’m learning day by day to just accept them for what they are. And I’m also learning that there are a hell of a lot more nice people out there than I ever knew when I was younger. And in terms of writing my book “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names” (along with other nonfiction-esq. ventures), I’m learning that there’s another level that I can add with what happens after the bullying ends – a realization, an “eye-opener” to the kinder breed of people out there.

Not sure why it took me so long to finish this post – I guess I wasn’t sure how to put what I was thinking to words..

Have a good day! 🙂

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The Gazeebo: An Introduction to “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names”

I have recently started a Nonfiction class with my college, and one of the assignments every week is to do a blog post (awesome, right??), so you’ll begin to see much more posts from me again!! 🙂

So, here’s the post! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Starting the Climb Again

Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone still reads my blog, but if you do, I’d love a comment or a like for this post. If you do have something to say, I will be more than happy to reply! 🙂

Anyway, earlier this month, I went into a dip again (which basically is me going into a depressive state). If you have been reading my blog, you probably remember me saying at least something about me having been bullied in my life. Well, one of the after effects for me is dealing with dips and a whole roller coaster of emotions (I’m pretty sure I’m bipolar, but I’ve never been diagnosed). One of the ways I deal with it is by writing pieces like this that I’m posting here for you today.

On another quick note, in relation to my emotional state and writing, I’ve started a book that shall be titled “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names.” It will be a semi-autobiographical novel, where I will be writing in a point of view where I’m telling the reader about the main character (who will go through several similar experiences in relation to bullying that I went through), as well as about other characters who will go through various bullying experiences. Also, I’m going to be focusing on the main character in relation to the after effects of bullying, because this is a subject that is often ignored or just not observed by those doing research, despite it being a legitimate issue in the lives of several people who have been bullied.

Due to me writing about other characters’ bullying experiences, I invite you to tell me your story via a comment below or via an email to There’s a pretty good possibility that I’ll include it into my book if you give me permission to do so (though if you do, I don’t want to use your name, so I suggest you also tell me three different names that you’d like for your character to be called). Thank you! 🙂

Anyway, here’s the poem, and if you like what you see, I invite you to click that subscribe button, follow me on Twitter (via the link on the right, or find me: jmcdlungren), and/or maybe even like my page on Facebook (via the link on the right, or find the page entitled Jesse McDowell Lungren). 🙂

Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: My First Haibun


Obviously, I haven’t posted in a little while, but just wanted to provide a very quick update.  School is almost out and finals (including essays, a portfolio, and the like) are beginning to take up my time.  Also, I got a promotion out to the Fuel Station here at Safeway back in March, just before spring break, so that was pretty cool – another reason I haven’t been on.. been working a lot.  Also, one final thing – I will be reviving the “To Victory!” category of blog posts within the next week or so.  I got a punching bag so I’ve been working out like crazy and losing weight (you will find out more, if you are interested).

Anyway, here’s the poem.  When I was at the ASU Writer’s Conference back in February, I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a few ‘classes’ with a few fellow writers.  One of the teachers at the conference was a man by the name of Charles (Charlie) Jensen.  He does prose poetry and he held two classes on that subject – most definitely my favorite classes during that entire weekend 🙂  Anyway, the second class he did was specifically on the Haibun – when you write a prose poem that ends with a haiku.  The prompt was for us to write about a childhood home.. I wrote about a sort of home away from home of mine and my family’s.  So, here it is. Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Happy Centennial Arizona!

Hey all!

Been busy lately with a major amount of work and school .. but, I’ve written a few poems and this is one of them that I wanted to share.  The only reason I’m sharing this for now is because  Valentine’s day was on Tuesday and Arizona’s Centennial (100th birthday) was on the same day.  They were brought into the United States on February 14, 1912 as the 48th state, and the last of the contiguous (connecting by land) states.

 As you might be able to tell by just looking at it, I had a little bit of fun with it despite it being a pretty major challenge for me 🙂 Continue reading

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Wallow Fire: Charging the Criminals

The information in this post was acquired from FOX News.

An announcement was made recently saying two cousins are being charged for causing the Wallow Fire earlier this Spring / Summer.  From what they said, they had left a “campfire unattended” which quickly spread to the forest with high winds.

The two are being charged with 5 counts EACH, “including leaving a fire unattended and failing to maintain control of a fire that damaged a National Forest System.”  Also, according to the article from FOX, if they actually get convicted, each charge brings with it a “maximum penalty of six months in prison, a $5,000 fine or both.”

Here’s hoping that these two get the maximum for destroying such a beautiful area, due to their lack of common sense and poor sense of judgment.  I just wonder .. why is the penalty not higher / longer?

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Wallow Fire: Day 34

The information in this post is from InciWeb.

The fire has grown to “538,049 acres” (15,407 acres in New Mexico), its containment set at 95%, with 991 people in the area to take care of what’s left.  No further damages to buildings, but total injuries are at 16.  The growth potential is at “low,” its terrain difficulty considered at “high.”

Here’s hopes that no more injuries occur to those brave men and women fighting this fire!

Also, due to the fire and the conditions up in Northern Arizona, the Fourth of July celebrations have been canceled.

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Monument Fire: Day 19

Information in this post comes from InciWeb.

It has now burned 30,526 acres (with an extra 1,527 acres burned in Mexico) and is at 98% containment, with 70 people on-site to fight what remains.  A major difference between now and 8 days ago, is that now the growth potential has gone from “extreme” to “low,” with its terrain difficulty still viewed as “extreme.”

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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Final Day

The information in this post is from InciWeb.

Great news!  The fire reached 100% containment on June 25, 2011 and InciWeb has finished its reports on it as of June 29, 2011; however, according to the site it is still “active” despite its containment and InciWeb has stated that if the situation changes as far as its growth and containment lines, then reporting will continue.  During its most intense destruction of about 50 days or so, it scorched “222,954 acres” near Portal, Arizona, destroying 23 structures and accumulating a “$51.1 million” cost.

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