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The Gazeebo: Beginning of Summer

So, summer is starting, the official start being June 21st though here in Arizona, it started some time in May. 🙂  Anyway, here’s a poem that I started last semester in my poetry class and just finished up today. Enjoy! Continue reading


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The Gazeebo: My First Haibun


Obviously, I haven’t posted in a little while, but just wanted to provide a very quick update.  School is almost out and finals (including essays, a portfolio, and the like) are beginning to take up my time.  Also, I got a promotion out to the Fuel Station here at Safeway back in March, just before spring break, so that was pretty cool – another reason I haven’t been on.. been working a lot.  Also, one final thing – I will be reviving the “To Victory!” category of blog posts within the next week or so.  I got a punching bag so I’ve been working out like crazy and losing weight (you will find out more, if you are interested).

Anyway, here’s the poem.  When I was at the ASU Writer’s Conference back in February, I had the opportunity and pleasure to take a few ‘classes’ with a few fellow writers.  One of the teachers at the conference was a man by the name of Charles (Charlie) Jensen.  He does prose poetry and he held two classes on that subject – most definitely my favorite classes during that entire weekend 🙂  Anyway, the second class he did was specifically on the Haibun – when you write a prose poem that ends with a haiku.  The prompt was for us to write about a childhood home.. I wrote about a sort of home away from home of mine and my family’s.  So, here it is. Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: [NOT SURE]


Haven’t posted in a while and I’m not really wanting to say much right now.. just here to post a poem real quick.  I started this piece at a poetry conference a little bit ago – we were given an assignment to write a poem about a painting and I decided to [literally] dive into the depths of the painting that I got.  It’s called “Water Lily Pond” by Claude Monet (see picture below that I acquired from Art to Heart).

Anyway, so for my poetry class we were given an assignment to write a loss poem and I used what I had started and created a loss piece.  Enjoy.

Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Happy Centennial Arizona!

Hey all!

Been busy lately with a major amount of work and school .. but, I’ve written a few poems and this is one of them that I wanted to share.  The only reason I’m sharing this for now is because  Valentine’s day was on Tuesday and Arizona’s Centennial (100th birthday) was on the same day.  They were brought into the United States on February 14, 1912 as the 48th state, and the last of the contiguous (connecting by land) states.

 As you might be able to tell by just looking at it, I had a little bit of fun with it despite it being a pretty major challenge for me 🙂 Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: The Wandering Poet

Not sure what information about myself to put down on this one, but basically this is something that I’m sure almost every writer, poet or otherwise, has thought about.  And basically, if you write for the love of writing, you might have come up with the same conclusion as I did in this poem 🙂 Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Smiling Thoughts

This came as an idea through a prompt created by a fellow blogging poet by the name of Corey Booth.  It is called The Poetry Challenge and basically he presents a title each week and other poets are expected to create a poem with that title.  This week, the title was “Smiling Thoughts.”

Enjoy! 🙂 Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: Remembering Lucky

Just a bit of info on this poem – I did not write this as an ode to my dog, Lucky but rather remembered her and decided to include her while focusing on the original subject of the poem.

Though, Lucky was a three-legged Australian Shepard mix who lost her leg when she was really young.  My family and I actually had to put her down during the summer of 2010.  I got her when I was 5 and said goodbye when I was 18 – she lived a good life. Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: There is a Beauty in the Senses… Yes?

Hello all!

School has officially started and was already assigned to write a poem for my Intro to Poetry class – YIPPEE!! 🙂   My other classes are great as well, including history, business, guitar, and music theory.  What’s nice about this semester is that none of these are general education requirements, thus meaning I actually want to take every single class I’m taking 🙂  It’s a beautiful thing when you have that kind of freedom, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh and by the way, I posted another review on The Examiner today – called “Review:  All-American Poem by Matthew Dickman.”  So, obviously, I wrote a review on All-American Poem, the only book of Matthew Dickman’s that I personally know of.  It is just so beautiful though and I highly suggest that all of those who enjoy poetry in the slightest, to read it.

Anyway, on to the poem.  The assignment was over imagery… thus the reason for the title of this post 🙂  I’m posting the extended version of it because I really like the wholeness of it, versus just what I was allowed to write for the assignment.  Though, for any of those who are interested, the assignment version ended with “swung shut” in the eleventh line.

Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: New is Good

Hello all! It’s been a little while since actually providing some information on me.  For one, I’m back with Safeway, again working as a Courtesy Clerk so I guess that’s cool.  For Christmas 2011, I got an acoustic electric guitar, which is an absolutely beautiful black, along with a guitar case, strap, picks, and a book to get started with my learning the guitar.  I’ve actually learned how to play “Sparkling Stella,” which I swear sounds exactly like “Twinkle Little Star,” “Aura Lee,” which I actually learned on piano last semester, and “Amazing Grace.”  It’s really fun playing the guitar and hope to become so much better this next semester when I’m taking Class Guitar 1.  Oh and by the way, I get to take the class with my mom so that’s pretty cool 🙂

I now have a Facebook page of myself in order to try and get my name out there more 🙂  As an artist that is trying to make something of themselves with that artistic skill, you kind of have to advertise yourself because no one else is really going to do it for you so I’m even debating on adding some videos on YouTube of me reading my poetry.  Naturally, it’d most likely be just my voice and a video of the actual words of the poem so people can read them as I’m reading them 🙂

Finally, and I’m not all that sure if I mentioned this yet, but I’m part of a zine called “Everything but…” – we’re a collection of creative writers, all who enjoy writing with a massive passion and we recently got a blog up and running to advertise ourselves and the zine itself.  If you’re interested, this is the website, and this is the Twitter account of the zine.

Now, as I usually do with my blog posts, here’s a poem I just wrote today. Continue reading

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The Gazeebo: The Coming of a New Year

Hey all!

Have much to talk about, but sadly it is late and I’m tired so, I shall instead post two poems and update in my next post 🙂

The first one is untitled, for now… not totally sure what exactly I want to do with it. Continue reading

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