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Mr. Packard: Letter to Mind, part 2

I’ve already lost you so it makes sense that I lose myself more and more each day, the tears that flow while I sit there in the dark. Some of the handlers even laugh at me, but why? They’ve obviously never been in my shoes, never even forgotten what they did for vacation as a child. They are coming you know… right now… down that hall with my jacket – I wish I could say it kept me warm, but instead I sit there on the sponge, shaking… My own meat locker I guess, trying to preserve me… it’s weird to think of it like that, how they’d want to preserve a body when what really matters has long gone… but I guess that’s how they do things around here when I can’t find you, no matter how hard I try or how many scars I make with this pen… my own little tattoos – of the wandering soul.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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Mr. Packard: Letter to Mind, part 1

Hello all!

Some of you may remember that I recently had a category with these types of excerpts of the poetic prose story thing that I’m writing, and then having a blog specifically made for it.  Well, I didn’t really like the blog site that I was using and REALLY didn’t like the fact that it wasn’t within the same blog anymore.. so it’s back lol.

So, for those who don’t know, Mr. Packard is a shortening of a story that I’m writing [presently] titled Ramblings of Mr. Packard.  It is basically about a guy who is mentally ill and insane who got put into an insane asylum; the writing within the story is basically just a journal through his viewpoint about anything while in here.

Here is the first excerpt of Ramblings of Mr. Packard, specifically his Letter to Mind. Continue reading

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