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Hello!  My name is Jesse and I’m a poet, author, blogger, student, brother, son, and hope to soon do songwriting along with other writing endeavors.  This is my first ever blog and am quite enjoying it; it’s freedom of writing in a way, as most creative writing efforts are, but this is more-so because no one can tell me what to write and what not to write.

As far as some genealogy goes, I’m a quarter German, an eighth Swedish, a thirty-second Cherokee, along with a mix of English, Irish, Scottish, Danish, Welsh, and probably a few other things mixed in there.  My middle name was after [specifically] my dad’s dad, whose middle name was McDowell, but [more broad] after an ancestor of mine named Ephraim McDowell.  I like to do ancestry type of research and also found out [through several months of searching], I’m related to Isaac Shelby, Irvin McDowell, John Campbell Greenway (he’s actually my fifth cousin, three times removed), and have a distant relative (I want to say like a great, great [possibly another great] uncle) who married a descendant of Francis Bacon.

From July, 2008 – September, 2010, I was employed with Safeway as a Courtesy Clerk.  I quite enjoyed my job and was told I did a good job at it when I still worked there.  I had resigned by my own choice due to me changing cities and wanting to take a break and focus on school for a year.

As of about mid-August, 2011 until the beginning of October, 2011, I got a job at a coffee shop, called Grounds for Thought, at my college where I worked as a Cashier / Barista.  I absolutely loved the job and met some pretty amazing people (both coworkers/bosses and customers).  Sadly, I was let go by my boss due to a lack of business.  I wish them the best and hope that business stays good for them 🙂

Anyway, here’s a little about my present self.

I am now employed with Safeway again as a Courtesy Clerk, as of December 2011. I’m enjoying being back and doing a job I actually liked for a while.

I attended the University of Arizona for one year for Veterinary Science, but am now changing my direction due to a change of interest.  I’ll be going to Glendale Community College in Arizona for various classes, including learning instrumental music, music theory classes, aural perception, vocal, and of course writing.  Eventually, I’ll probably go for a business degree and a creative writing certificate.  I decided I want to write professionally but found out [during high school] that I need to have a standing job to “pay the bills” type of thing while I start my writing career; thus the reason for the business degree for me to get these things done quickly and set myself up in a career I’m going to enjoy while starting it.

This past semester I learned basic piano. This next semester, I’ll be learning guitar, having gotten an awesome guitar from my parents for Christmas!

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll add more as it comes up and/or if I think about it 🙂


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