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The Gazeebo: An Introduction to “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names”

I have recently started a Nonfiction class with my college, and one of the assignments every week is to do a blog post (awesome, right??), so you’ll begin to see much more posts from me again!! 🙂

So, here’s the post! I hope you enjoy!

August 23, 2013

An Introduction to “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names”

            As I’ve gone through life, I’ve noticed people wandering, constantly watching others, and judging in their own way.  It’s as if we all think we know what’s best in the world, and yet refuse to look at our own insecurities for fear of admitting that we were wrong.  I have tried to go through life without these judgments, but as anyone knows, they naturally come even if you do tuck them away instantaneously.  I have learned to tuck them away, because to openly judge someone by how they look or how they act when they are in public around people they don’t know would be to sink down to the level of those who made my life hell from age five to age eighteen.  To those who think that bullying is a natural thing that one must just deal with in life, and that it will eventually go away and you’ll live a happy life, have never personally experienced someone being blatantly mean, repeatedly.  I would honestly argue that the effects on you after it’s all done are far worse than those that you deal with while being bullied.

This is a point I want to focus on in a book I’m in the process of working on (which so far I have titled “Teacher’s Pet, and Other Fun Names”).  It’s going to be an auto-biographical novel, where the characters and events within the book will be (at least slightly) different from myself, the people I’ve interacted with, and the actual things I’ve gone through.  This is why I’m taking this class, and what I would like to focus on this semester – the construction of a nonfiction piece where it’s actually still to a point of entertaining, in contrast to just a lecture.  It is something I’m passionate about and what I write about most of all, and if I can find another medium to get the message out there to help and stop bullying and spread awareness to the fact that it doesn’t always get better once the bullying is done with, and that those who have been bullied sometimes need as much compassion as those who are in the present state of being bullied, then that’d be the best thing I could ever do for myself and others who have been in my shoes.


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