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The Gazeebo: March 26, 2013: A Day of Reckoning

Hey everyone!

So yesterday at work, I’m pretty sure a drug deal went down .. O.O .. it’s kind of become a “just another day” kind of thing, but it still gets me on edge a little. No guns involved from what I can see (and for that I’m happy) – just two cars parked directly next to each other and with the smell of marijuana present whenever nearing the area to sweep up trash. Oh the things I have encountered and witnessed as a fuel station attendant…

But, I digress – now, in relation to the title of this post:

As of next week on Tuesday, March 26th, the US Supreme Court will see the case that was once known as Perry v. Schwarzenegger, and that is now known as Hollingsworth v. Perry. The original case was a lawsuit against the state of California’s Proposition 8 which revised the California State Constitution with a provision saying that marriage is restricted between two people of the opposite sex; the lawsuit and the resulting verdict stated that such a law was unconstitutional, citing violations of both the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the US Constitution. The case that the US Supreme Court will hear on Tuesday is an appeal of that original case, now being the other party hoping to successfully argue that it’s not unconstitutional.

** The Supreme Court will also see another case, known as United States v. Windsor – a lawsuit against the government involving the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). To save myself from copyright infringement, if you’d like to learn more about this case as well, check out this site. It’s just as important as Hollingsworth v. Perry, I promise you!

In the wake of the US Supreme Court agreeing to hear the cases, several people have spoken out for marriage equality, with congressmen on both sides of the isle, including President Barack Obama, calling for Proposition 8 to be struck down. There have also been some, including the president, calling for nationwide marriage equality through a Federal law, if not also an amendment to the US Constitution.

And here’s my opinion – strike down Prop 8 and legalize marriage equality! You see, marriage equality doesn’t just mean gay marriage; it means all the rights, taxes, etc that go into getting married.

And in saying my opinion on this, I have to call out various arguments that are made against marriage equality:

  1. The Bible says it’s wrong – who cares? Whether you’re an average God-fearing man, a priest / reverend, or the Pope, you are neither God nor Jesus so quit acting like you are and quit judging everyone. That’s His job, not yours. Oh and to add, this being the United States of America where there is a separation of Church and State, and we’re talking about a law relating to this issue, your argument is invalid.
  2. Traditional family – open up your eyes people; there are gay couples everywhere that are engaged and / or in a civil union / domestic partnership with kids; marriage equality isn’t going to change this. Also, unless someone proves that the kids aren’t being treated properly, and it is the responsibility of the parents (whether the parents are gay, straight, single, married, etc), the kids stay under the guardianship of the parents. To add, a traditional family is a man, a woman, and kids that were born with the genes of said man and woman; so, if you’re going to fight for a traditional family, then you might as well protest orphanages and sperm & egg donors because they break the traditional family as well. My point: get over yourself and focus on your own traditional family if those are your views.

I honestly can’t think of any more non-discriminatory arguments, so I’ll just stop there. If anyone feels like adding one that isn’t discriminatory in the comments section, I invite you to do so.

I think that’s about all for this post. Have a good day people!

– J.McD.L

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** Edited March 26, 2013: Added information on the DOMA Case (United States v. Windsor)


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