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The Gazeebo: A New Year, 2013

So, obviously I haven’t been on here in a while, but here’s a poem I just finished today (Monday).  I have a handful of others that I’ve already written, and am about to write that I need to post as well, but in the mean time, enjoy this one.  It’s involving things going on in my life, along with various events around the world, such as the Arab Spring that I described and mentioned without actually naming… well, enjoy! 🙂

Observing, Experiencing 10 – 13

Almost three years; drought, exhaustion,

Blind trepidation.

Two colleges; multiple majors, sixty credits,

Without a dent in one.

Desiring purpose; reasoning, questioning,

Asking why and what’s next.

Discovering myself; growing, learning,

What it is I prefer.

Learning life; politics, relationships,

The rules of society.

Helplessly observing the world’s malice; violence, pain,

Cries from those within reach.

Proudly watching cultures rally; challenge, revolt,

Overthrow those who had wronged them.

Standing up to people; cowards, bullies,

Assholes who are friends no longer.

Realizing the effects of twelve years; sleepless nights, anger,

Depression with few ups and deep dips.

Honing in on my love for written word; imagery, poetry,

An art not often appreciated.

Striving for relationships; friends, significant other,

Little to no luck with either.

Changing occupations; unemployed, laid off,

Working toward a dead end.

Experiencing stupidity; Tacoma, F-150,

An Accord requiring a new door.

Acquiring transportation; Villager, Toyota,

My own little Red Baron.

Watching natural destruction; Haiti, Japan,

Sandy ravaging the East Coast.

American political changes; Barack Obama, Tea Party,

Occupy Wall Street protesting malpractice.

Mourning for those murdered in Tucson; Aurora, Newtown,

As politicians and executive orders restrict our rights.

Finding classmates pregnant; married, divorced,

All too young to publically buy and consume.

Diverting to familiarities; home, family,

Dreams of training and breeding horses.

Plans for enrollment at more colleges; Equine Science, Veterinary Technology,

Animal Science, with eyes on Rasmussen Ranches and teaching.

Change was promised in 2008; change is what we got,

On a level no one could predict.

Just over two decades since my birth; witnessing the last three years,

The greatest impact on my life so far.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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