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The Gazeebo: Another Battle Won

So, last night, it rained a little with lightning and thunder and I suddenly felt the need to write a poem this morning.  So, here it is!!


As I watch the lightning flash in Northern skies, I think about you, who called me fat, who laughed at me, who scoffed at me for having trouble breathing after finishing my lap, three minutes after you.  As I hear the rumble of thunder, I think about you, who called me names, who called me tattle-tale when I told someone in order to stop the tormenting, you who punched me in the gut after the teacher heard what you called me in front of all our classmates in line for lunch.  As I watch the pine trees in my back yard begin to sway and dance to the wind, I think about you, who with my same name poked and laughed, who just continued the fight against me where others left off, who kicked and pushed down my saxophone after band.  As I hear the pitter-patter of rain on my roof, I think about you, who with your monkey of a friend began my freshman year with a whole new round of bullying, who threatened to kick me in the balls until I cried in front of everyone on the bus, who made fun when I began to “retaliate” as you said.  As I watch the bolt strike against Southern skies and I snap a picture, I think about you, who made me feel weak, who was arrogant as shit despite your lack of ability to pass one simple test, who with your loud opinions trashed me for trying to take shots of a Tucson storm.  As I hear the crash of thunder, I think about you, who smoked pot in your room that I shared a vent with, who banged on my door and woke me up so you wouldn’t have to go get a key from an RA because you locked yourself out, who I finally told to fuck off and leave me alone.  As I go inside, I think about all of you, who fucked my life over for twelve and a half years, who still haunt my memories no matter how much you apologize, who I’m still not ready to forgive but would love to forget.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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