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The Gazeebo: Beginning of Summer

So, summer is starting, the official start being June 21st though here in Arizona, it started some time in May. 🙂  Anyway, here’s a poem that I started last semester in my poetry class and just finished up today. Enjoy!

Red Watermelon

It was the long green picnic table that had

been brought in years before; how we would

eat red watermelon slices in the summer;

the old wood stove that nearly burnt the place

down one summer; the sink with faucets

like those connected to the hose that didn’t exist

in the yard; the laminate flooring and the broken

cabinets; how a rolling pin would go from one

side of the room to the other in the matter

of seconds; the flag hanging on the wall

with not quite 50 stars, while it stared

at the map across the room, my family

having notated the best creeks for fishing;

that smell of frying fish covered in corn meal,

attempting to eat it without swallowing

the bones; the window looking out on the porch

where my uncle’s horse once came to say

hello; the floor where at the beginning

of every summer, we found a mouse who

had nibbled on a piece of cheese or peanut

butter before the spring released; the attic

where we’d hear squirrels scurrying at night

while we lay in our beds; the window we

would look out onto seemingly endless land,

cedar and pine spotting the landscape; the cattle

grazing in the field across the dirt road.

It was the cattle that my Papa lived for,

ranching on that land, land that he bought

and traded for. His spirit will roam that

kitchen, his hands brushing walls that no

longer stand, before settling down to watch

as my grandmother, his eldest, says grace

before we eat our dinner, slices of red

watermelon in the middle of the table.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren



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