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Haven’t posted in a while and I’m not really wanting to say much right now.. just here to post a poem real quick.  I started this piece at a poetry conference a little bit ago – we were given an assignment to write a poem about a painting and I decided to [literally] dive into the depths of the painting that I got.  It’s called “Water Lily Pond” by Claude Monet (see picture below that I acquired from Art to Heart).

Anyway, so for my poetry class we were given an assignment to write a loss poem and I used what I had started and created a loss piece.  Enjoy.

Acquired from Art to Heart


It is night.

A full moon shines brightly upon

the simple bridge as water flows

beneath.  It is cold,

yet calling you in as she was

called, a while back.

You can see fish swimming through her hair

as lilies float above where her eyes used

to be.  I dare to walk upon the bridge

and look down on her, mouth open, her

bloated tongue like a pillow to falling reeds.

I remember… wasn’t I the one

who coaxed her?

My father said it was fine – that who

was I to know she didn’t swim?

But she is gone, her body slowly decaying

in the depths of both this clear water

and my mind;

not that that has really any existence any

longer.  I lost heart that day – you can see her holding

and shaking it with the motion of the current.

It’s just as well, my father says.

As if he suddenly cares as a drop falls into the water,

the first of many from the storm overhead…

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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