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Not sure what information about myself to put down on this one, but basically this is something that I’m sure almost every writer, poet or otherwise, has thought about.  And basically, if you write for the love of writing, you might have come up with the same conclusion as I did in this poem 🙂

The Poet

As pen strikes paper, scraping

what came from both heart and mind,

I wonder – will they feel the same

as I?  Will they see the pedals falling,

the wisps of what little I could piece

together?  Or will they see a man

in a deep basement, the dust resting

on him like the old couch he threw down

there last year?  And if I am covered

in dust, will they see my smile?  As I

lift my pen to strike again, another word –

is it only for me or do they long

to see what comes next?  I continue

to write, for whether it is for them, it

will remain my own – way of removing

myself and diving into where the wisps

continue to flow.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


February 3, 2012 - Posted by | Your Lungren Originals | ,

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