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The Gazeebo: There is a Beauty in the Senses… Yes?

Hello all!

School has officially started and was already assigned to write a poem for my Intro to Poetry class – YIPPEE!! 🙂   My other classes are great as well, including history, business, guitar, and music theory.  What’s nice about this semester is that none of these are general education requirements, thus meaning I actually want to take every single class I’m taking 🙂  It’s a beautiful thing when you have that kind of freedom, wouldn’t you agree?

Oh and by the way, I posted another review on The Examiner today – called “Review:  All-American Poem by Matthew Dickman.”  So, obviously, I wrote a review on All-American Poem, the only book of Matthew Dickman’s that I personally know of.  It is just so beautiful though and I highly suggest that all of those who enjoy poetry in the slightest, to read it.

Anyway, on to the poem.  The assignment was over imagery… thus the reason for the title of this post 🙂  I’m posting the extended version of it because I really like the wholeness of it, versus just what I was allowed to write for the assignment.  Though, for any of those who are interested, the assignment version ended with “swung shut” in the eleventh line.

Pink and Laced with Strawberry

You could hear the trees swaying

outside, the music of the shop mixing

in ever so beautifully, making you

want to get up and dance, while your

ice cream, pink and laced with

strawberry sat melting on the counter,

with mine, a cream blended with

the fruit rather than flavoring, us both

in white after labor day – not that we

cared, watching the wind spin the notes

out the door as it swung shut.  As we

stepped out, the cold enveloped you

as if it were hunting and you were its

prey – I gave you my jacket to have

as well as your own, though

we didn’t stay outside for long,

knowing the warmth of the car

called out to us, invited us in so that

you would not freeze, and we listened

to your song for it made you happy.

It was in fact your favorite band and I

was absorbed by the music, the bouncing

of the melody, the tight rhythm, with the

singing of the screams – it kept me in

time, allowing myself to think solely

of the present for that’s what

concerned me, the past having no longer

any effect, with the future only a glimmer

of what it once was.  It was the now, the

smooth feeling of the ice cream, the

rush of the wind as it sent chills from

my shoulders to my feet, the rising

goose armies on my skin, the

ever-constant shine as the lights reflected

in your eyes, the immediate and the absolute.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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