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The Gazeebo: Remembering Lucky

Just a bit of info on this poem – I did not write this as an ode to my dog, Lucky but rather remembered her and decided to include her while focusing on the original subject of the poem.

Though, Lucky was a three-legged Australian Shepard mix who lost her leg when she was really young.  My family and I actually had to put her down during the summer of 2010.  I got her when I was 5 and said goodbye when I was 18 – she lived a good life.

Hop, Hop, Scuffle

It’s the smell of brewing

coffee, the sunlight peering

in through my window as

I open my eyes to see the

flag on the wall.  I can hear

the loose tin as the wind

blows against it, the hop,

hop, scuffle of my dog as

she moves around.  I walk

outside to my father swinging

in the hammock reading his

book, ants cautiously crawling

up his mug as it sits in

the dirt.  My mother is inside

frying bacon while my sister

plays with sticks under

the tree.  The cattle are lying

down across the road, chewing

while the horses run in at

the sound of me neighing – I

used to do that all the time,

my own form of entertainment

when visiting the cabin and the

continuous reach of our land.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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