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Hello all! It’s been a little while since actually providing some information on me.  For one, I’m back with Safeway, again working as a Courtesy Clerk so I guess that’s cool.  For Christmas 2011, I got an acoustic electric guitar, which is an absolutely beautiful black, along with a guitar case, strap, picks, and a book to get started with my learning the guitar.  I’ve actually learned how to play “Sparkling Stella,” which I swear sounds exactly like “Twinkle Little Star,” “Aura Lee,” which I actually learned on piano last semester, and “Amazing Grace.”  It’s really fun playing the guitar and hope to become so much better this next semester when I’m taking Class Guitar 1.  Oh and by the way, I get to take the class with my mom so that’s pretty cool 🙂

I now have a Facebook page of myself in order to try and get my name out there more 🙂  As an artist that is trying to make something of themselves with that artistic skill, you kind of have to advertise yourself because no one else is really going to do it for you so I’m even debating on adding some videos on YouTube of me reading my poetry.  Naturally, it’d most likely be just my voice and a video of the actual words of the poem so people can read them as I’m reading them 🙂

Finally, and I’m not all that sure if I mentioned this yet, but I’m part of a zine called “Everything but…” – we’re a collection of creative writers, all who enjoy writing with a massive passion and we recently got a blog up and running to advertise ourselves and the zine itself.  If you’re interested, this is the website, and this is the Twitter account of the zine.

Now, as I usually do with my blog posts, here’s a poem I just wrote today.

The Dream

If a man could paint a dream,

write a word, and a thousand more,

If this man could be that dream,

than what would reality be?

A boy meeting a celebrity

on a pool deck in the

beginning of fall?

A man in his younger years,

punching his horse instead

of the woman lying next to him?

A family enjoying vacations

in a building that no longer stands?

A little girl riding a unicorn

that sneezes butterflies and

poops rainbows?

Small children going down

a slide and swinging in

the back of a semi?

High school seniors crawling

through tubes in a life-size

hamster cage?

An oversized owl grabbing a

boy as it screeches in the night?

A family swinging from monkey

bars to cross a river of

molten lava?

Public restrooms of toilets

overflowing, the contents

engrossing the floor around

a woman’s shoes?

A young girl falling in love

with a man while sleeping in

a hotel room, who ends up

being her uncle?

A person dying of a scorpion

sting given to them by their


You watching the credits of

the movie depicting your

actual real-life death?

The painting shall remain unfinished,

the book scrapped and burned,

This man cannot be that dream,

for this is what reality would be.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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