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The Gazeebo: The Coming of a New Year

Hey all!

Have much to talk about, but sadly it is late and I’m tired so, I shall instead post two poems and update in my next post 🙂

The first one is untitled, for now… not totally sure what exactly I want to do with it.

The lock continues to spin as I

continue to write.

Will I find the key, I ask myself

as I scratch into the dirt with nails

so long you wouldn’t need a pick

while playing the guitar – I hear one

playing in the distance, as a piano

plunks “Silent Night” despite it not really

being silent at all… any other time, you wouldn’t

even hear a cat purr three inches away from

you – but I guess that’s how things have

become as I dig deeper into my little

hole.  No one would have noticed had

it not been for me screaming these

lyrics, the darkness enfolds as I attempt

to pick at the lock – the one thing holding

me here, the reason why I don’t know

what’s going on

or what should happen to me.

The second one is called Mary Lou – I had a little fun with this one 🙂

Mary Lou

They always said it would

take time, didn’t they? Time

and I can attest to that –

I’ve heard the ticking

much too long, just waiting and

hoping… that Mary Lou would

come along. A little Lou for me

is what I ask for – not one that

can be wrapped or shoved under

pine needles in the cold

of December. But something only

one can truly give – Mary Lou.

“Your time will come,” they said,

“you’re in the middle of the ride,” *

“love don’t come easy…” **

It’s as if they were reciting

lyrics or reading verses from

some book all covered in dust,

as if they knew what the

future had in store for me –

they don’t, it is just Hope

speaking, hope that I wasn’t

the one growing old with my

ten dogs across the street…

I too hope Mary Lou comes

along, as I continue to write,

having smashed all the clocks

that sang their little chorus for

as long as I can remember.




* Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”

** Diana Ross – “Love Don’t Come Easy”

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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