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The Gazeebo: I Am Me, No One Else, Nothing Else

Hey all!

Just thought I’d pop in and say to everyone – part of life is finding yourself.  Not always going with what your parents, or friends say, not with what you know or what you feel safe with.  Finding yourself is going out of the boundaries, breaking the chains, cutting fences that surround you; only then will you know yourself.  I don’t think anything is wrong with just doing the same thing all of your life, but at some point you need to try something new and different.

Part of the beauty of life is the fact that everyone and everything is different.  Even if you cloned a person, both people would have at least slightly different personalities, if not completely different.  Part of what makes this difference amazing is the journey of our lives; the paths that lead us to where we end up by the time we die, the people we meet and the experiences we have.

So, I ask all of you to ask yourself:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What runs through your veins?
  • What have you experienced?  How has it affected you?
  • Are you proud of your name?  If given the chance, would you change it?
  • What kind of scars do you have?  Have they healed?  Are they still healing?  Are they helping to heal new scars?
  • What kind of people have you met?  How have they affected the way you go about your life?
  • Who do you love?  Your family?  Your friends?  Your enemies?
  • What do you love doing?  Would you do it for a living?
  • Are you moving forward or looking behind you?
  • What makes you happy?  What makes you sad?
  • Are you satisfied or do you want more?

Part of finding myself has included a lot of confidence building.  You see, I was made fun of from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade so my confidence had been shot.  So, every now and then, I’m able to strike out and break the rear-view mirrors (for a lack of a better phrase).  And this poem is just another way that I am striking out and building myself up.  This is me, no one else, nothing else.


What is Thy Name?


What is thy name?

What is thy name?

it repeated, in a whisper.

My name is Jesse.

No! What is thy name?

Jesse Lungren..?

What is thy name?

it repeated through clenched teeth.

My name is Jesse McDowell Lungren,

Son of David and Jo,

Brother to Taylor,

Poet, Author, Entrepreneur, Soon-to-be-Songwriter,

Lover of the arts,

With a specific obsession with music and theater.

I am a man finding himself in the

Greatest country on earth – the United States of America,

I am a man of German, Swedish, and Cherokee descent.

I am a man who has blood of multiple colors flowing

through him.  Irish green, Scottish plaid, along with

the English and Danish from years ago.

I have scars of past experiences, but who doesn’t?

I have neither regret nor anger for what I’ve heard,

they’ve made me who I am.

I am Jesse McDowell Lungren,

No one else, nothing else.

What is thy name?

I am what you are,

what you make of me.

I am you – Jesse McDowell Lungren

The shadow from within,

The voice you hear, but sometimes ignore

I am the one telling you that

They aren’t staring at you – they aren’t

Whispering things behind your back,

That there wasn’t ever anything wrong with you.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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