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The Gazeebo: “Mary Ann”

Hey all!

I swear it’s becoming a bit of a habit for me to miss a number of days and then pop in and throw in a post lol.

Well, today was pretty fun.  My Aural Perception class, I found out, actually includes a little singing (DO, RAY, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO).. last week, and the week before, I wasn’t too thrilled about it but I’m beginning to get used to it and am actually hearing some things that I didn’t hear before.  I’d guess that’s a good thing though considering that Aural Perception basically means you’re training your ears to certain things as melody, rhythm, etc.  Last week we had a quiz in the class and I got a 13 out of 15 (only losing 2 points due to me accidentally putting the sharps, flats, and naturals on the wrong side of the note lol).

In other news, I had my first quiz in my Introduction to Piano class and I aced it.  I then started working on another song that was scheduled for a quiz next week.  Well, I called my instructor over to have her hear it (the keyboard has two earphone jacks so both the teacher and you can hear it while allowing for everyone else to thump away on their own keyboards).. she said that it was really good, but I only needed to work on making the notes that I was playing with my right hand quieter than those that I was playing with my left hand.  So, I worked on that and practiced and such, and then called her over again near the end of class.  She listened and said that I played it perfectly (or at least for my learning level), and then offered to use that as my grade for the quiz.  Obviously, I said yes so now I have 2 weeks to practice for our next quiz where we’ll be learning slurs between music notes 🙂

By the way, the name of the song for the second quiz was titled “Mary Ann,” thus the reason for the title.

So, now on to the poem.  This is one I started a couple of weeks ago and feel that I need more in it, but am stumped as to how I want to round it out.  So, here is what I have thus far.


The sound of knocking comes again,

soft, distinct as gentle hands

try to pry at the caraspace above,

the rocky edges piercing the skin of

the perpetrator.  Come out, come out

they said as it hid within, the

darkness refusing to yield – to

allow easy sight of the prize.

They would entice it with pieces

of desire, it’d come out

to snatch what it could and

slink back in — to that natural

cave, with which it was born.

It grew, they came with tools

Once again, the structure shakes

with the rapping — but as

before, it will not give.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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