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So, today was extremely lazy… I basically spent the day playing a game off and on with my dad, and then later my sister.  You see, today was my dad’s day off, and my sister is done with her theater rehearsals, so my mom was the only one at work or anything.

But, anyway the day was just spent on that and then later my family and I went out for my birthday dinner at Red Robin.  I love their Royal Red Robin Burger… it’s a burger (in a bun), with mayo, bacon, cheese, a fried egg, and, if you like it, lettuce and tomato.  It’s so delicious! 🙂

That’s really about all to report on, so here’s the poem.  This one was written in my College Prep English H class in high school; we had an assignment to write an elegy.  So, here is its extremely little-revised self.

Under the Shade of the Oak Tree

This tale is true, and mine after death

Looking back at

Those who I once knew;

Those who look at the stone –

Under the shade of the oak tree

Which seems to protect it like its own –

That stands where I was laid;

Where upon, are the engraved words of

“Friend, Brother, and Son.”

Friend of many,

All of which I cared about

And supported in the worst and

Best of times.

Brother to Taylor,

Who I loved, supported, and showed off

For all of her talents.

Son to David and Jo

Who I loved, listened to, and learned from

Even in the arguments we shared.

I shall be remembered by those I have met

By my writing

And how it touched those who read it.

My writing surely defined me best,

For the care, love, and friendship I showed.

I hope those who watch over my grave

Remember me as a hero;

A hero who showed the compassion

Most, voluntarily, do not.

I lived to be modest

And for that I will continue to live outside of my tomb.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren



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  1. […] I was expecting it after the previous day.  But, today was worse than yesterday.  As I said in today’s post, I went out for my birthday dinner so that was a load of points in itself  I’m not really […]

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