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Wallow Fire: Pictures Taken by Firefighters, part 2

More pictures from my mom’s coworkers.  These are an amazing addition to these posts because they are from the viewpoint of the very heroes out there.

Also, my mom told me of a story that one of them told her after coming back.  This guy was part of a crew that was set to protect a house from getting burned down by the fire; part of their job is to wet the house and the area around, along with covering it with material that doesn’t burn (or at least as easily).  Well, the site’s commander was watching the trees and noticed that they just started swaying very ominously; it was because the fire was literally that close – this thing like breathes people (due to the draft caused by the flames).  But, just a minute after they noticed the trees, a helicopter flew over and told them to get the heck out of there because the fire was moving toward them.

Another story told by the same man was of the living conditions during the night.  The tents provided to them are made for 1 man, but these men are huge so they often just slept in their sleeping bags.  The night air gets below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the winds are extremely strong (at least 20-30 mph), so my mom’s friend told her that he ended up shoveling out a little trench to sleep behind.  What really sucked though was that after a load of time trying to finally get warm, he ended up having to pee; so, he got up and just peed right there and then gave up on getting warm and walked down to a station where people are working shifts throughout the day to make coffee and the like to keep these guys taken care of.

I just found that story so interesting to hear about; of course it was better coming from my mom’s mouth and probably even better coming from his mouth, but I’m sure you guys get the point of it all.





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