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Tonight, I watched the first night performance of Pirates of Penzance where my sister is Mabel.  “Poor Wandering One” is one of the main songs she sings 🙂  The performance was fantastic and hilarious!  A good friend of mine was also one of the supporting pirates so that was pretty cool as well.  Though I have to say, the 2 kissing scenes that my sister did were kind of awkward for me considering I am her older brother and all.. lol.

Well, I’ve gotta say that’s about all I did today so here’s the poem!  This one was written during my poetry class at the University; the prompt for this was we were given a slip of paper with words on it and were told to use it as a title and make a poem from it.  Well, several of the slips of paper that were handed out reminded my classmates of shows and movies; mine reminded me of Charlie Sheen’s character in “Two and a Half Men.”  As it did remind me of that, you can probably also guess that this is more along the lines of PG-13 or the like – just a warning 🙂  So, here it is; I believe it might need some revising as my other poems do, but that’s part of the reason of posting it 🙂

Wine, Women, and Song

Another glass

filled –

Red liquid, intoxication.

Vision becomes wavy

as he slides his fingers

along the keys –

Notes scratched down

accompanying words to

flow freely

from mouths –

That tune that

dances around

the room,

A samba with

the hands

that clap to

the beat.

It encircles

one woman,

Mesmerized by

the music –

Assisted by

her own, fruity,

Elegant liquid –

Colored the same

as the rushing

blood as she

lies beneath

him as he

lunges with

each breath,

Sweat rolling

off his forehead,

Hitting the climax

And settling as he lies

Down beside her,

Listening to breathing

And the waltz of the notes

Above their heads

As the music comes to an end.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren



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