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Hello again!

How was all your guys’ Saturday?   Mine was quite nice, starting with the ability to sleep in a bit.. man do I love sleeping in, especially when I stay up late the night before to get a post done for here 🙂  To add, my mom made breakfast burrito makings so I was able to eat that before heading off to my blood donation appointment.  Speaking of, that’s the reason for the “vampires” part of this post’s title; my dad used to make comments on me “going to the vampires’ lair” and such whenever I donated so I thought of that when I decided on a creative title for today’s post.  But, I donated a pint of whole blood within about 3-5 minutes and got out of there without any symptoms.. I’m lucky that way.  My mom donated once and immediately passed out.

I also got a haircut today.. needed to buzz it down to size (3 top, 2 around).  I’ve gotten into this frame of mind where I just need to have short hair because the longer hair just really bugs me.. it’s probably due to the fact that short hair is MUCH easier to deal with than longer hair.  I’ve done both so I do know that from experience.

In other news, I watched The Matrix for the first time tonight – real amazing movie.  It tripped me out a bit, but I believe I understood it.  The ending was also much easier to understand than say Inception, or Shutter Island (other trippy-type movies) so that was a major plus for me 🙂

Now on to the poem; this one was written during my creative writing class and then revised during my poetry class at the University.  I feel like it could use some revising, specifically the ending.

True Beauty

That one’s mythical,

sitting on a paper, drawn

with my sister’s eyeliner, black

And this one’s plastic.

spinning around, jumping

in place as the engineer sits at

the control panel, smiling –

an array of switches and

levers in front of him

I would never see the

unicorn, more real to me than

this merry-go-round horse I see all the time;

I know it lies

trying to impress, hiding

behind the mask, though it

blends with the rest of the

masquerade, everyone here

dances the same

The unicorn patiently sits there,

Coat and horn shining in the sun.

all natural, it’s outline

on the paper, a beauty

within itself

The plastic toy forced,

color fades in the sun,

paint flakes off.

I sit here, watching as

they come by with fresh

paint, wishing I could just

throw this bucket filled

with the hot water and dancing

bubbles, to show the people

it’s silvery undercoat, the true

coat, without fancy colors

When will we see the unicorn

instead of the plastic horse?

this outline, without the fraud

happy to be there, quiet –

every stroke telling its story,

the creases of its horn

reminding us what it is about

And when will we allow the plastic

horse to grow on its own,

to let its own grow out?

It’s time to throw the buckets.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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