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Wallow Fire: Day 12

This update comes from Channel 5 (KPHO) and InciWeb.

Alright, so good news and bad news with this.  Which do you want to hear first?  I’d say the good news considering the situation.. so, the good is that firefighting efforts by the brave men and women out there have achieved 5% containment, meaning a step toward taking this thing out.  Also, the winds are dying down from the usual “20 mph … and gusts of up to 40 mph” down to an expected forecast “between 7 mph and 17 mph … with gusts of up [to] 21 mph just north of the fire line.”  In addition, a air tanker is expected to come in to help with the fire.  It is a “DC-10 supertanker aircraft, which can drop up to four times as much [slurry] as the smaller planes,” according to KPHO.  Firefighters are expecting to get an even better handle on things with that and helicopters, which are used for water drops.

The bad news is that the fire is still going and has so far accumulated “an estimated cost of about $15 million,” along with having burned 386,690 acres and affecting 51 buildings, “destroy[ing] 22 homes, damag[ing] 5 others and burn[ing] 24 out-buildings.”  As said before, half the town of Eagar was evacuated; however, now the rest of Eagar, along with the towns of Springerville and Greer have now been evacuated.  According to KPHO, some residents of the evacuated areas are “camping in makeshift shelters at local high schools and other areas.”  In addition, due to the ever-moving fire, communications have been threatened, specifically the “fiber optic lines, which means the command center and other workers would lose all communication.”  KPHO has also stated that due to this issue, only hand-radios and the like will be the way anyone will be able to communicate.

The fire has so far been moving about Northeast with the wind, but “expected to change, moving instead from west to east,” according to the article on KPHO, threatening towns in New Mexico, especially Luna which have been given a “pre-evacuation alert,” according to InciWeb.

As a final thing, KPHO has 2 slide shows available to view.  (1)   (2)

Image below is from InciWeb (see link from top).

From InciWeb


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