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Horseshoe 2 Fire: Day 31

This post contains information from AZ Central’s blog and InciWeb.

First of all, according to InciWeb, the fire is human-caused and is at 50% containment.

The Horseshoe Two fire continues to burn in Southeastern Arizona, now already burning “106,661 acres” (according to InciWeb).  According to the article from AZ Central, the fire’s size and damage area is small (in comparison to the Wallow Fire), but the damage is no less painful to the wildlife that live there and those that like to travel to see it.  The desert and surrounding area allows for a place to live for several species of animals, including various types of birds.  According to AZ Central, several “people [are] claiming that the area is one of, if not THE best areas in North America to bird watch,” Cave Creek Canyon standing out as “the best known area;” however, now the area is engulfed in flames and/or torched “vegetation and landscape.”

Another impact of the fire is that it affects the ability of the Arizona Border Patrol to catch illegal immigrants as they come across the border by the Chiricahua  Mountains; however, it might actually “benefit [the] border patrol agents by creating a smaller area to focus on.”

The picture below is also from InciWeb, but from a different site.


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  1. […] now up to “128,652 acres” burned and down to 40% containment, compared to the 50% from yesterday.  The destroyed structure count is at 23 and the cost of dousing this fire is up at about $33.5 […]

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