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Hey again!

Well to start, I guess I’ll just say that I think I did pretty decently at my interview today at Borders.  I was kind of nervous a little driving there though I will have to say that it was probably a little due to the fact that I was driving the route there after only looking at a Google Map.  But, all in all, it went well – got there early, answered the questions to the best of my ability, kept eye contact.. you know – all the good things you should do for an interview.

On another subject, does anyone know a good way of getting rid of little bugs that like to eat leaves and sit on the buds of a rose bush?  Lately, I’ve found a lot of little green bugs on the buds and a few little black gnat-like bugs chewing up my leaves and such.  I’ve tried spraying my bush with soapy water (a trick that my mom told me), but it doesn’t seem to be helping too much.

Now on to the poem – this one I wrote while in my class at the University about a picture of my dad playing horseshoes while we were visiting some of my mom’s side of the family.


My father – he’s caught in mid-motion.

He’s in the midst of swinging –

The extension of his arm caused by

a mere reflex of pulling it back,

Ready to release.

It’s his first shoe of his turn,

the other still in his left hand.

I can see the tension of his arms,

As his eyes try and focus on the target,

About to fire, to let

that metal U shoot out of his hand.

It was often the game of men,

the test of strength and aim –

I had been a boy just beginning

in the trial of my family;

My father, uncles, and grandfather

were the judge and jury.

But, it was escape from reality –

Just listening to the ring

of the shoes on the stake,

As if instead it were chimes

on a windy day.


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  1. I believe praying mantis’ will eat those buggers, and I’m pretty sure they won’t hurt your roses.

    I really like;
    But, it was escape from reality –
    Just listening to the ring
    of the shoes on the stake,
    As if instead it were chimes
    on a windy day.

    Maybe if you could included something about the chime sound throughout the whole poem that would lead up the this section. Or just finding a way to incorporating more sounds can let the reader in more easily to experience what is happening.

    Comment by Bri | June 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. Can you get praying mantis’?

    I never really though about that before.. I like that idea – also, the original ending (after the section you just pointed out) was:
    My sister’s leaf pile joining
    in the fun of our game.

    Some classmates thought it didn’t really fit too much, but I’m still skeptical about it.

    I’ll definitely look into your idea more thank you! 🙂

    Comment by jlungren | June 7, 2011 | Reply

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