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Well for an introduction to The Gazeebo, it comes from an idea I did a little while back with this guy I knew, and my sister.  You see, we have a gazebo in our backyard and I’m a huge poet and he and I decided we wanted to do a little poetry slam so the gazebo seemed like the perfect place.  Of course, as a poet herself, my sister joined in and we had a wonderful time at it 🙂  The melted flower candle as the icon here is from that night.  Well, I’m still enjoying poetry and will always enjoy it so I decided to create a blog that allowed for a little place for fellow poets to check out and (if everything works out properly) maybe even post some of their own poems (whether it be through comments and the such or whatever) to be critiqued by me and other fellow poets.  I just took a poetry class over at the University of Arizona and thoroughly enjoyed being able to expand my own literary creativeness, if you will, along with helping my peers in expanding their own with critiques from me, and (of course) getting openly critiqued.  I personally love when someone has something to say about my writing whether it be just compliments, feelings, or even comments on how to improve it.  I believe that very few of my own poems are officially done.

Anyway, now that that little intro is done,  I have also added areas within The Gazeebo where I provide updates on fires in Arizona (AZ Fire Watch), along with other places (Fire Watch), and also have a little area where I provide updates of a diet that I’m doing while I move toward my own victory (To Victory!).  Finally, there’s the tab where I have excerpts from a piece I’m writing called “The Ramblings of Mr. Packard” (Mr. Packard).  I also urge you to look at the navigation bar at right where I have added a bit of info about every little piece of stuff on my blog 🙂

To start out this blog fresh and new, here’s a poem I wrote at the end of that poetry class I told you about, an idea I had after reading Matthew Dickman’s book, All American Poem.  Enjoy! 🙂


The sun is out, the time for flip flops and

swim trunks and a dip in the pool.  Don’t forget

to buy your Coppertone sun screen – SPF 50.  I’ve been waiting

all year for the that first cold jump and the accompanying shiver

before the repeated diving to the bottom to grab

the rings warm me up.  It’s the time for competing

with our swim caps on.  100 freestyle and 50 breaststroke

but don’t forget the 100 Individual Medley, such a lovely mix

of it all, so fast it makes your heart want to jump out of

your chest, while your ears tell you of the screaming above

the surface.  You know your parents are there on the deck,

clapping, waiting for your hand to hit the wall, followed by the

rush of water as your body comes to a stop.  It’s an American time,

baseball season has started while you’re in the water.  But

you don’t care because you’re going out tonight

with that girl whose tan faded away over the winter –

All the while, I’ll be at the movies, happy about the

air conditioning after the win in the water.

We’ll be having a snow cone tomorrow

when we go to the park, my sister and I

and then we’ll go home to our dogs who’ve

laid out in the misters, their paws wet with mud because

of their pool, but it’s this summer, along with a few trips up

north to the cabin, that I look forward to as the last

school bell rings for the year.

© Jesse McDowell Lungren


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